Our twenty hectares of vineyards represent the most precious resource we have:
They are included in both the UGA of Greve and Montefioralle.

We have worked organically since 2014 and continually strive to allow our vineyards to grow and produce grapes in living soil. We do this by working artisanally and respecting the environment to obtain healthy grapes that require little intervention in the cellar.

Our vineyards


The first nucleus of vineyards is located around the main Villa, at an altitude of approximately three hundred and fifty metres, on the right side of the Greve river, with south and southwest exposure. Our oldest vines here date back to 1980. They are planted on the so-called “Macigno del Chianti”, a geological formation of marine origin which constitutes the main framework of this eastern portion of the Chianti Classico. Benefiting from the clayey and sandy matrix of these sandstones (not calcareous) is our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione ASofia, a 100% Sangiovese well rooted in the UGA of Greve, which directs its complex fruity intensity towards the long potential of ageing.

Le Bonille

Remaining on the right side of the Greve river is a second vineyard, known in the area as Le Bonille di Sopra. Here, the vineyard runs along four hundred meters of altitude, with southwest exposure on terraces built by hand using the dry-stone wall technique. The vines are planted with a greater density, and the soils are characterized by a mix of sandstone (alberese) in which limestone is present in higher concentrations. The typical “flake” conformation of the land (galestro) is well suited to our Chianti Classico Riserva, in whose composition we also usually integrate a small portion of colorino grapes from this same plot.


A few kilometres from the main Villa and vinification area, you will find our Sillano vineyard. We are above the small medieval village of Montefioralle, near the Parish Church of San Pietro a Sillano, located at an altitude of over five hundred meters and exposed to the east. This vineyard represents the highest vineyard both in the context of our portfolio and within the entire UGA of Montefioralle. A strong presence of limestone pebbles characterizes the soils on the left bank of the Greve river and reveals a certain hardness and resistance to erosion. This, combined with the high altitude, these characters translate into our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Sillano (100% sangiovese) in terms of an original form of gustatory tension, which in the best years releases a long, weightless persistence.