Rosenborgsgatan 20
169 74 Solna, Sweden

The Winery Hotel – a part of Terreno in Stockholm

The idea behind The Winery Hotel comes from our wish to create a stronger link between Italy and Sweden. The Winery Hotel is in Stockholm but is in many ways different from other destination hotels. It is a meeting place where the love for the good things in life, like Chianti Classico wines and Italian food, is the common thread throughout all parts of the hotel. We have also built an urban winery in the hotel, which reproduces all the stages of wine production; from grapes grown in Tuscany to finished wine. This is a unique opportunity for all wine lovers to immerse themselves in the craftsmanship required to make a wine. 

At the Winery Hotel we organise different wine events to share our world of wines, amongst these is Festa del Chianti Classico, to which we have invited producers from Chianti Classico to the hotel for a three-day wine exhibition. Wine tastings, themed days and special events are continuously organised throughout the year. During spring, summer, and autumn the rooftop terrace, complete with a pool and a bar, is a popular place for those who want to enjoy urban views, good wine and cocktails. 

The hotel has two restaurants which offer genuine Italian flavours: The Winery Kitchen serves elegant dishes and has a long and interesting wine list while Terreno Deli entices with real Italian pizza and tasty every day Italian food at its best. 

Our goals for both The Winery Hotel and Terreno is to share our fascinating world around a bottle of wine and we look forward to welcoming you, both in Stockholm and in Tuscany.