Organic extra virgin olive oil

At Terreno, we put the same effort into making our extra virgin olive oil as our wines. More than 700 olive varieties worldwide and 300 of them are found in Italy. Here at Terreno, we only work with our olives and do not source olives from someone else. The varieties are the traditional ones from Tuscany: frantoio, leccino and moraiolo, which give an extra virgin olive oil with aromas of fresh-cut grass and a spicy, tasty finish.

To make a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, you must pay attention to details from the field to the bottle. We pick our olives by hand and very early, just when the olives are about to change colour from green to black, meaning we get less oil but of higher quality.

Another essential part of the process is to press the olives as fast as possible after the picking: the fresher the fruit, the healthier and tastier the extra virgin olive oil. You could compare it to making fresh orange juice from just-picked oranges or overripe ones.

We press in small batches the same day as we pick the olives, and the tractor goes back and forth to the olive press. Every year, we also do small pressings from different fields to better understand the character of every variety and terroir – precisely as we do with our grapes.

Another important aspect is to choose the right olive press since sixty per cent of an extra virgin olive oil’s quality depends on this. Our press works under a vacuum since oxygen alters the aromas and taste. We also filter our extra virgin olive oil directly after pressing to avoid sediments that could change the quality. This means our extra virgin olive oil will keep the aromas and the healthy benefits for the whole year.

We believe in this fantastic product that has been admired for its taste and healthy character for thousands of years. We also feel that it is vital to take care of our olive trees in the most careful of ways since they are such a big part of the beautiful Tuscan landscape and tradition.